Thomas T. Fields to Begin New Project – New Book To Be Titled “Project Management is a Symphony

Posted: August 23, 2011 in Books, thomas t fields jr., Uncategorized
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Thomas T, Fields Jr., author of “I Called Him Grand Dad” and “Desert Burning” will soon begin his third book, “Project Management is a Symphony”.  Fields first book centered around newly discovered personal papers that identified a person to him that he did not know existed except as Grand Dad.  His Grandfather was Harvey G. Fields and through his lost political papers he pieced together a man that spent sixty years of service to his state of Louisiana and the nation.  He was a lawyer, four time delegate to the Democratic National Convention, state senator, district attorney, law partner of Huey Long, chairman of the La Public Service Comission and the Federal Prosecutor that build the case that led to the Louisiana Scandals.  Fields second book is a novel titled, “Desert Burning.  The Story of the Civilians During Operations Desert Storm”.  This book dealt with Fields personal experiences as a civilian working for the oil giant ARAMCO during Operation Desert Storm.

The new project is different from the first two in that he will explain how all the parts of a project work together in harmony to form the perfect project.  This is adapted from the PMI methodology for project management and builds on Fields thirty five years experience as a Project Engineer/Project Manager.  He spent sixteen years as a project engineer for one of the leaders in Project Management, ARAMCO.  Fields also spent 4 years on contract to International Paper as a Project Manager and is a twelve year employee of CenturyLink where he is a Project Manager.  His degree is in Construction Management and he is a certified Project Management Professional, and has a black belt in Six Sigma and a Masters Certificate in Project Management.

The book is scheduled for release in 2012.  For more information visit his Blog Site

Fields is from the small north Louisiana town of Farmerville.  He is married and has three children.  He also writes a column for the Farmerville Gazette and is a Viet Nam Veteran.


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