Twenty-One Years Ago Desert Storm

Posted: August 22, 2011 in Uncategorized
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August 15th,. Twenty-one years ago this week.  Operation Desert Storm.  The Philipino  Government issued an announcement that they could not afford to evacuate the Philipinos in case of an invasion of Saudi but they felt they would be safe.  TheU.S. state department issued a warning that travel to the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia should be curtailed.  On a lighter note Baghdad Betty, (actualy a guy) was broadcasting to the troops that had just landed.  “To the American GIs in the Saudi Arabian desert, why are you here?  Your wives and girlfriends are at home.  They are going out.  They are going out with movie stars.  They are going out with stars like Paul Newman, Robert Redford and Bart Simpson”.  Oh well, at least they tried.


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