Last night the majority of the world rejoiced when scenes of civilians pouring intoTripoliwere broadcast throughout the world.  Another dictator was quickly falling. The quick implosion of the Muammar al-Gaddafi government in the Libyan capital is reminiscent of the fall ofSaigonin 1975.  Surprise gives way to shock as one army completely disintegrates within a matter of a few days.


Now what will happen to this newly formed Mid-East country?  Leaders are vowing to not let happen toLibyathat happened toIraq.  They are positioning security forces around major oil facilities and key cultural institutions to prevent the looting that took place insideBaghdad.  But these leaders have an even harder task outside the capital.  The Mid-East is filled with tribal areas andLibyais no exception.  Well over forty tribes exist and this tribal nepotism is difficult to over ride.  This will be the most difficult challenge to the new government.   It is hoped that the U.S. Government is working with the fledgling new leadership to sponsor a stable move to some type of democracy that will lead to a strong and just government.


Unfortunately, today theUnited Stateshas not taken the lead that it has in the past. Several months ago we wrote about the dilemma theUnited Stateswas in when it came to the violence inSyriaand what we would do to stop the murdering of innocent civilians.  Our government has now responded.   We have finally called for the removal of the leadership in that country.  After months of killings and followingSaudi Arabia’s call for the end to violence and the European Union’s call to end the violence, we are now calling for a new government inSyria.  If theUnited Statesis to remain the focal point for world freedom it is important that we be the initiators of strong world leadership and not follow the lead of other countries and lead from behind.  Regardless of how hard it is for us to address hard issues, we must take the path to what is right and just and provide the leadership that the United States if famous for.

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