Twenty-One Years Ago This Week:  With what is being referred to as the Arab Spring, the roots of these rebellions can be linked to Operation Desert Storm.  The might and justness of the United States and a first hand look by  Mid-East countries at what a mighty democratic country can accomplish has ultimately spawned the overthrows of dictators in the Mid-East today.  Twenty-one years ago the civilians in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia were on pins and needles.  The Navy SEALS had arrived and were setting up their headquarters at Half Moon Bay near Dhahran.  The Dhahran Clippers, a softball team from ARAMCO, hosted the 8th ordinance to a game and a dinner following the game.  The Clippers won 11-2 and this was the beginning of weekly visits to ARAMCO by various military units.  Gary Howse and Todd Marlett loaded up a VW Golf and drove around the desert on the Kuwaiti border and found pockets of Marines and gave them iced down Pepsi’s.  The Marines were shocked to find civilians driving around the desert passing out cold drinks.


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