The news crews have been expelled fromSyria.  Internet is non-responsive and only a handful of videos are sent from phones in the middle of protests around the country of Syria.  The government has now reverted to a time we had long thought was over. 

A week ago a thirteen year old protester was taken into custody by the Syrian secret police.  His family pleaded for his release.  Then a body bag was dropped at the  door of the parents   Inside lay the body of the thirteen year old child.  Cigarette burns were over his body and his knee caps had been crushed.  Before being shot he had been horribly sexually mutilated.  President Bashar al-Assad said some of the security forces may have gone a little too far and offered amnesty to the protesters.  What he meant was that he was offering life in prison at hard labor in exchange for execution. 

This all plays the same way as the Iraqi regime under Saddam Hussein.  Horrible torture followed by a body bag at the door steps and the country is intimidated by a barbarian.    Interesting to note that Syria’s ruling Bath Party is the same party that was headed by Hussein in Iraq.  One of Hussein’s cabinet ministers recommended that he resign for a short time to quell problems.  He was taken into custody.  A week later a distraught wife opened the body bag at her steps to find a dismembered husband. 

Now what will Americado?  Several months ago we demanded Hosni Mubarak of Egypt resign amid peaceful demonstrations.  We supported the fall in Tunisiaand are providing air support in Libya but in Syria we are quietly doing nothing despite the population pleading for the overthrow of a ruthless leader and the instatement of Democracy.  

Several factors weigh heavily on theUnited States.  First, the cost toAmericafor intervention intoSyriawould be high. Israelwould surely offer to help but that could lead to an all out Mid-East explosion that could usher in the financial collapse of the world so we may well have to go it alone.  Another major factor isIran. Iran was geographically distant from Egypt, Libya and Tunisiaand was not politically aligned so their collapse gave no real threat to the Iranians. Syriais different.  It is a staunch ally of Iran and sits on Iran’s northern border. So what doesWashington do?  Do we take the safe route and stand by and watch as Syria tortures and kills or do we promote Democracy at any price.  One thing is certain, the debate over what we should do will intensify over the near future.


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