Posted: April 4, 2011 in thomas t fields jr., WORLD EVENTS, world politics
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The Mid-East monarchies and dictatorships are experiencing extreme pressure for reform from within their own countries. Some governments have all ready collapsed. We are now witness to calls for leadership change over a broad geographical area. Never have such changes taken place so quickly in the history of the world. Egypt and Tunisia have replaced their leadership. Libya is in a civil war. Syria is having revolts and people are dying in the streets. Yemen’s “president” has announced he will step down and Bahrain has taken the unprecedented move of bringing Saudi troops into it’s country to suppress unrest. Saudi Arabia is attempting to buy off the resentful population in its’ own country. The American imposed Democracy in Iraq is one catalyst that has led to the call for Democracy, but what has allowed the unrest to continue in these heavily controlled countries.
One common factor in place today that was not present in previous unrest situations is mass communication. The ability to tweet, blog, e-mail, text message combined with all the social networking sites around the globe have allowed the world to witness the riots in living color. This has curtailed regimes from applying public suppression with the use of violent measures. It has also provided the protesters with a way to communicate and control the massive protests we are witnessing.

In 1979 the Muslim Holy City of Mecca was rocked when the Kabah was taken hostage by Muslim extremist. This led to a rumored use of the French Foreign Legion to finally dislodge the fanatics. That same year riots in the Shiite villages of Safwa and Qatif brought in the military and civilian lives were lost. All were quickly and quietly squashed.

During those events there was little communication to the outside world. A phone call took two days to schedule and get placed to the United States. The internet did not exist. Cell phones were not thought of and the ability to send pictures from a portable phone was fiction reserved for Dick Tracy. Today, all this has changed.

The use of mass communication and social networking is a major factor in the success of the overthrow of the Mid-East governments that we are we are seeing today.


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