The United States was founded on three principles; life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. We have gone to war to protect our right to maintain this moral institution of our social fiber. We have also fought to free the oppressed from leaders that sought to subjugate their citizens. Additionally the United States is in a world community that is becoming ever more bound in economic alliances based on foreign trade. We have also signed treaties of support that are rooted in cooperation between countries that have aligned with America. And thus we have the foundation for our dilemma. America has many friends around the globe. Some are democracies such as we find in Europe, Canada, Australia and the Pacific Rim. Others are dictatorships and monarchies such as we find in the Middle East. Many of these monarchies have close trading and military ties to the United States. Some are our sworn enemy. Let’s pose a hypothetical question. If mass riots break out in Iran will we support the rioters and encourage them to overthrow the leadership of Iran. The answer is, probably yes. Now lets take a short seventy-five mile trip across the Persian Gulf and position the riots in the middle of Saudi Arabia. What will we do then? Do we support the protesters who are in the streets for democratic change or do we take a more pragmatic approach and look out for our economic interest. The Saudi Arabian Royal Family recognized the potential for the United States to dessert them and support the local population if an uprising occurs. Soon after President Obama called for the head of Egypt to leave office, the King of Saudi Arabia was on the phone sounding his displeasure about this action. Egypt’s leader, Hosni Mubarak had been the closest ally to the United States and is the only mid-east country to have relationships with Israel. What Egypt didn’t have was significant amounts of oil flowing to the free world. It won’t be long before we discover how the United States will respond to this dilemma. With riots in Bahrain, Yemen and reported protests in Syria, it’s only a matter of time before the Mid-East erupts. As the call for democracy unfolds in the Middle –East it will be interesting to see what our response will be.


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