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Several months ago President Obama was discussing the budget proposals that were being put forth by the Democratic party. He made a Freudian slip when he used the term “share the wealth” and I have never heard him use the term again. This phrase was first made famous by one of Louisiana’s most famous politicians, Huey Long and was a quite radical concept in the early 1930s and would be even more so today.

Long was building a national political party called the Share The Wealth Society. There were seven main tenants to the organization that were very appealing to a country caught in the desperation of the great depression.

Among these were:

No one would be worth more than 1.5 to 5 million dollars.

Every family would receive a homestead allowance.

Everyone over sixty would receive an old-age pension.

Crops would no longer be destroyed but would be placed in storage.

Veterans would be paid what they had been promised.

Equal opportunity for all children to receive an education.

Revenue to fund the programs would come from the rich at the top of wealth scale.

Long used the slogan, “Every Man A King, but No One Wears a Crown”. This was a term made famous by the renowned politician William Jennings Bryant.

Long’s organization had grown to seven and half million and this had Franklin Roosevelt worried. Many say Huey was going to run for president on the strength of his new party but this not totally correct. His plans were to run someone else and he would be beat by FDR. Long knew the economy would still be in trouble in four years and he would be ready to move in to save the country. Long took this from FDR’s play book when Roosevelt ran Al Smith for president in 1928 and knowing that Smith had no chance to win.

Would have Long won? This is still a point for much debate. One thing is certain; on September 8, 1935 Huey Long was crossing the corridor outside the Louisiana House Chambers following a session of the Louisiana Legislature when an assassins bullet ended Longs quest to be President. Soon after his death the Share the Wealth Organization collapsed.


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