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Desert Burning – a Novel by Thomas T. Fields has received a favorable review by Our History Project.  This organization only reviews oure history by broke with tradition to review this book about Operation Desert Storm.  The review follows:

In Desert Burning, Thomas T. Fields, Jr. sparks a fast paced epic sure to become a classic of the era. The story follows Ted Atcheson as he struggles with family, work and an imposing war that he unknowingly will be  caught in the middle of. Desert Burning gives you the insight of the military and non-military personnel who were on the ground at the time of invasion of Kuwait. While keeping you in the middle of the action with the characters he weaves a suspenseful intrigue that will appeal to both historical and suspense readers alike. 

The book follows a deliberate sequence of events that will leave you on the edge of your seat through dated and  timed events that will keep you interested, I actually found myself making the pace faster because of this, which may sound strange but was exhilarating for me. The development of the story and characters were masterfully done in a way that I cared for them, sharing the emotions they went through and found myself wanting to jump chapters just to find out what happens. 

Desert Burning is a great story that will capture the hearts and minds of the readers and will be on your bookshelf for years to come. An instant favorite that you will read again and again. 

Craig Anderson

Our History Project, Inc.



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