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In 1990 Saudi Aramco was simply known as Aramco.  The several thousand expatriate families living there enjoyed the life of the worldy expatriate with all the wonders of the world before them.  They were in essence the type of characters identified in many of Hemmingway’s novels.   What the average American looks at as a normal short vacation of a couple of hundred miles without a concern for the travel or destination was to the Aramcon the same as a quick adventure to a European get away or a hiking trip to Nepal or a week in Asia.    Then on August 2, 1990 everything changed.  Saddam Husein invaded tiny Kuwait and the expatriate community in Saudi Arabia shifted to a new role as they welcomed thousands of military into their homes and even went to the desert to deliver home cooking to troops in the middle of  the desert on week ends.  Aramco softball teams such as the famous Dhahran Clippers were hosting military teams into the compound for an hour of distraction and a home cooked meal.  This unprecedented outpouring of support for the American fighting man and woman is depicted in the new novel by author, Thomas T. Fields, Jr.  The novel is centered around the Aramco Oil towns of Dhahran, Abqaiq and the northern oil center of Safaniya.   The book is titled Desert Burning and excerpts can be found on the publishers site which is accessed through  The book is now available from the publisher XLIBRIS but will be sold through Amazon and Barnes and Noble by early September.


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