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Farmerville, Louisiana is a small very progressive town located in the hills of North Louisiana.  This quaint historical village which is perched on the banks of lovely Lake D’Arbonne is one of the back drops for the soon to be released novel, “Desert Burning”.  A key character in the novel is from the town and much of the interaction within the book is between the oil capital of Dhahran, Saudi Arabia and Farmerville.  The novel is about an oil field worker who departs Louisiana, returns to his second home in Saudi Arabia and arrives just in time to be thrust into the invasion of Kuwait by Iraq in 1990.  Throughout the book the civilians in Arabia are making every effort to keep the oil flowing to the free world while at the same time providing support to the troops of the coalition forces.  At the same time the residents of Farmerville are trying to cope with what is unfolding in front of them and prepares its own sons for departure to the “Mother of all Battles”.  This book is scheduled to be released in time to commemorate the twentieth anniversary of the beginning of Operation Desert Storm.     This is the second book penned by Fields.   The first is “I Called Him Grand Dad.  The Lost Political Papers of Harvey G. Fields”.  This book also depicts Farmerville in a non-fiction history of a southern lawyer during the great depression.


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